UX Design

Communication is at the heart of great design, and understanding and translating user insights and complex business rules into purposeful design decisions is what I do best. I have extensive experience prototyping, testing and validating product features using a range of established methods, considering the moments of engagement between people and brands, and the ideas, emotions and memories these moments create.

Product Design

With over a decade of hands-on experience directing and delivering award-winning web, app, and user interface design projects in the start-up, e-commerce, travel, financial services, and automotive industries, I am adept at providing creative direction to and crafting intuitive digital platforms and engaging user experiences from the ground up.

User Research

As a UX Designer working in fast-paced client environments, conducting efficient user research is key. I have planned and carried out user research sessions, defined metrics, and optimised user analytics to measure UX effectiveness for projects large and small, translating insights and moments of engagement into consumer-facing experiences.

UI Engineering

A self-taught web developer since my teenage years, one of my strongest skills as a interaction designer lies in understanding how all of the different pieces that make up an interface connect together. An evangelist of SASS, BEM and OOCSS, I've helped architect frontends for multi-million-pageview websites like Econsultancy and GapYear, transforming great UI into modular, standards compliant, accessible, optimised code.

Design Strategy

As a design leader I have helped both startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world add lasting value to their organisations by formulating and implementing clear design-led strategies to drive innovation, build customer loyalty, and increase business value; fostering collaborative team relationships and commanding design as a problem-solving branch of the lean and agile product development processes to deliver impact quickly.

Design Sprints & Workshops

From banks in Sub-Saharan Africa to consultancies in New York city, I've organised and led a range of design sprints and workshops for a bevvy of clients, helping to both align business goals and user insights to solve complex problems, and to communicate product visions to key stakeholders and customers in order to explore new opportunities.


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